A transcendent work of art.
— Bobby Reed, DownBeat Magazine
[Heritage] honors the best of the
diversity of the musical expression
that the USA provides to the world.
It is needed more now than ever.
— Jeff Krow, Audiophile Audition
“Heritage” is the ultimate representation
of the marrow, majesty, and
malleability of American roots music.
In imbuing wide swaths of the
country with a jazz sensibility, Broder
puts the “heart” in “heartland.”
— Dan Bilawsky, Senior Contributor, JazzTimes


CD Release at the Jazz Standard

Thank You

Heritage is a fan-funded project on ArtistShare® and could not have been possible without the incredible generosity and support of people who believed in this endeavor. I'd like to express my deepest appreciation to all the ArtistShare participants of Heritage, especially those who participated at the ArtistShare Premium levels. Your participation in this project made this recording possible, and your longstanding support continue to mean so much to me.
– Owen

Premium Level Participants

Executive Producer

Wayne Alpern

Silver Participants

Dominique van de Stadt &
Octavio Pajaro

Bronze Participants

Dwight Alpern
Bruce & Deborah Broder
Joanne Kelly & Bill Roney
Larry & Meg Kasdan
Eugene Malinowski
Brad & Jenny Mottier
Bob Schwartz

Partner & Friend Participants


Ginny Dean
Fred Doner
Louis Fedele
Connie & Tom Glaser
Marc Kaban
Carol & Mitch Klein
Carol & Dave Lombardo
Debbie Manning
Betsy Summer


Bruce Anderson
Deborah Birnbaum
Debbie Blackshear
Patti Boyle
Jeff Broder
Deborah Caplowe
Jerry Block
Cathy & Steve Fox
Barbara Dale
Jim Dale & Ellen Small
Julie & Larry Easa
Zenichiro Enomoto
Ben Harod
Doug & Sue Johnson
Anne & Charlie Joseph
Dorothy Lee
Jeffrey Magee
Milena Pajaro-van de Stadt
Maria Schneider
Barbara Sharp
Richard Sly
W. Griffin Snyder
Taimur Sullivan
Lana Wiester